We are one of the oldest hunting association at Hungary’s Somogy county. We operate as a successful hunting and game management association since 1946.
Currently listing 56 permanent members mostly residents from the surrounding villages and towns.
Our initial small game territory slowly transformed to a big game hunting field during the past decades.
Games you will find includes: red deer, roe deer, wild boar, and in small numbers moufflon and fallow deer. For our members we can secure pheasant, hare, and mallard hunting opportunities booth for groups and for individuals too.
As per year our members and guests manage to successfully harvest around 80-85 red deer, 80-85 roe deer, 240-260 wild boar, 2-3 moufflon and 3-5 fallow deer.

Dear hunting guests!

Our local and international guests /mostly from West EU/ hunting with us successfully for decades for red deer, wild boar and roe deer.
The most popular method is hunting from a deer blind, battue, and herding hunt. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the area combined with high density of big game species and our well planned game management plan our customers usually have a satisfying and productive experience.
We have two dedicated hunting specialist with excellent knowledge of the area and wildlife at our territory ready to assist and guide our guests and customers.
We welcome everyone wishing to join us and hunt with our association!

Next to hunting there are ample opportunities in discover the surrounding area like the Hungary’s very first Nostre Europe prize winner village museum at Szenna or the Zselic Star Park where due to the low level of light contamination you could experience the most beautiful skyscape with countless stars. Next to all this we highly recommend the fishing lake close to Ropoly where cooking places are already lining up for on the shore for your catch.